Be kind to all living beings

Be kind to all living beings

8 thoughts on “Be kind to all living beings

      1. Don’t thank me. I just said what came to me spontaneously.

        I’m really awe struck by the paintings. Do you sell them? If not then you should exhibit them, I suggest.

        And also which country are you from? I’ll make sure I meet you if I happen to visit your country.


  1. I don’t sell them as of now, maybe later when I’ll get better technique and more pictures… Thank you for asking!

    Now I live in Prague, Czech Republic, and I’d be happy to see you sometimes as well! :)


  2. I see. The world will only be honored to see your paintings. I can tell just by your paintings that you’re no ordinary person.

    Wish destiny makes us meet someday. *fingers crossed *

    See ya till then. Beautiful person :)


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